Mining industry

Installation of Digital Excitation Regulators in Ellatzite-Med

For the first time in the mining industry in Bulgaria Ellatzite-Med AD put into operation a new generation of digital controllers. They are intended to provide power for the rotor excitation winding and automatic control of the excitation current in the synchronous motors rated up to 2.5 MW which are driving the ball mills. Their high reliability is due to two fully identical, interchangeable, galvanically decoupled control units each provided with its own set of power supply units, sensors and actuation circuits. One of the main characteristics of the digital regulator is its oscilloscope capacity – no less than 100 oscillograms for power system event analysis.

Improving ball mill energy performance is among the main objectives of the energy management system implemented in Ellatzite-Med AD in accordance with the international standard ISO 50001:2011.

Employer and Contractor: :
Ellatzite-Med AD
Project implementation period:
2016 - 2018


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