Mining industry

Upgrade of the Secondary and Fine Crushing Production Unit in Ellatzite-Med AD

At the beginning of 2016, complete reconstruction of the control, automation and electric power systems of Electrostatic Filter No.1 was carried out at the Secondary and Fine Crushing Production Unit in Ellatzite-Med AD.

The modernisation includes new cable routings, new switchboards and control panels, installation of high-voltage equipment produced by the leading European manufacturer Rico-Werk Eiserlo & Emmrich GmbH, as well as a new PLC-based Siemens Simatic S7 automated control system. As a result, the Electrostatic Filter No.1 was fully integrated into the Automated Industrial Control System in the Secondary and Fine Crushing Production Unit of the Flotation Complex in Mirkovo village.

The result-based analysis indicates that the Automated Control System for Electrostatic Filters and Prometos Gamma DP digital controllers for three-phase transformers offer optimal assignment-based control solutions (input and output current and fields voltage). They also provide real-time monitoring over the condition and operating parameters of all units. The commissioning of the new Automated Industrial Control System at the Secondary and Fine Crushing Production Unit in 2014 and stage-by-stage upgrade of its subsystems have ensured higher reliability of the operating units and lower electricity costs. By doing so, the occupational health and safety have been significantly improved.

Ellatzite Med AD
Project Implementation period:
2015 - 2016


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