as an employer

We are a group of more than 4,000 professionals working with honesty and integrity, dedicating their talent, skills and experience to develop unique projects and solutions. We take pride in our teams’ expertise, innovation and support offered to our partners and clients. The best proof of our success are the landmark projects completed throughout GEOTECHMIN GROUP’s history.
Our companies boast highly-skilled and talented teams of specialists working in various business sectors: mining industry, construction, trade, energy and climate, real estate and investment projects, and services.

Our responsible attitude to everything we do, our high morale and mutual trust are at the core of the supportive environment where our professional realisation thrives.

For more than 30 years

our companies from GEOTECHMIN GROUP have been providing plenty of opportunities for full-fledged professional advancement.

The average length of service

in GEOTECHMIN GROUP is 14 years, which is only one of the multiple proofs for our employees’ overall job satisfaction.

We constantly enhance

staff motivation and engagement, cultivating a culture of continuous learning and talent development.


Responsible employer:

avarage years of service
avarage annual voluntary employee turnover
various positions and expertise



Here you will find

inspiring specialists, who achieve success thanks to their proven professionalism, dedication and effective teamwork

Our work sites

comply with all applicable workplace safety requirements. Most of our companies are certified according to ISO 45001:2018 standard

We take care of our employees’ well-being

through a wide range of fringe benefits, taking into consideration the specificity of the companies’ activities in GEOTECHMIN GROUP

We work in modern

and functional workplaces with excellent work/rest conditions

We are reliable employers

who guarantee timely remuneration to our staff by bank transfer in strict compliance with Bulgarian legislation


means being part of a culture, that supports significant causes for local communities and having the opportunity to participate in various noble initiatives

Our employees...

are the key to our success

You are welcome to join us in GEOTECHMIN GROUP

if working with innovative technologies is important to you

if you want to be part of a successful and supportive team

if regulatory compliance is important for you

if you are looking for opportunities for long-term professional development with a broad horizon


Training and Development


We know that the high level of our employees’ competencies is of key significance for our success and productivity. We give particular importance to enabling our staff to use the best practices and most recent information, so that they can effectively integrate them in their work. Therefore GEOTECHMIN GROUP’s companies have developed their own employee training and qualification programmes and plans. Some of these programmes are implemented jointly with one of the Group’s subsidiaries – Centre for Management and Vocational Training EAD. It conducts practical-oriented training courses in line with the specific industry requirements and competency standards. According to the particular topic, the trainings are held in person and/or in an electronic environment.
Among the major training courses organised by GEOTECHMIN GROUP for its employees are:

programmes for acquiring full legal capacity, maintaining and improving professional qualifications for a number of professions and specialties in more than 12 areas

programmes for acquiring professional competencies in various business areas – finance, law, ISO standards, human resources, occupational health and safety, etc.

training courses on changes in the regulatory framework related to health insurance, human resources, accounting, tax and legal issues, etc.

training courses in specific areas, such as energy markets and energy management; various IT spheres

trainings for managerial competencies and soft skills

As responsible and supportive employers, our companies provide study leave to give employees an opportunity to study and take exams at a university.


Maintaining and improving our employees’ motivation to work for an industrial group providing ample opportunities for professional development and stability has been a key mechanism for retaining our teams.

For us, development means coping with complex tasks and projects, a new appointment, expanded responsibilities. When a colleague develops his or her potential, they are given the opportunity to join new projects in the Group or to be promoted. We value our loyal, dedicated and honest professionals and invest in their expertise and job satisfaction.


We strongly believe that everyone has a talent which can be developed. Therefore we provide professional learning opportunities and support for pupils and students in the regions where we operate through our:

Dual Vocational Training Partnerships

Internship Programmes

Scholarship Programme


A private company with over 30-year history, which has implemented some of the most successful and significant projects in the mining industry, industrial construction, road infrastructure and environmental protection in Bulgaria.