Mining industry

Wastewater Treatment Plant Applying a Technology of MMTEC, Japan

A wastewater treatment plant was built at level 840 m in Ellatzite Mine Complex to purify mine effluents by applying an innovative for Bulgaria technology of the Japanese company MMTEC. The main processes are: neutralization, sludge recirculation and reneutralization, which are controlled in a fully automated operational cycle. The successful commissioning of the new facility has improved the condition of the main water intake in the discharge area of treated waters – the Malak Iskar River.

The wastewater treatment plant is part of a complex wastewater management system on the territory of Ellatzite mine.

Ellatzite-Med AD
Mitsubishi Materials Techno Corporation (MMTEC), Japan
Designer on Bulgarian part:
Geoproject EOOD
Geostroy AD
Project implementation period:
June 2012 – August 2014


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