Mining industry

New Automated Industrial Control System at the Secondary and Fine Crushing Production Unit

With the intent to improve process efficiency Ellatzite-Med AD have focused their efforts on fostering innovation and enhancing its economic impact on mining-related processes. From 2013 to 2014, a new Automated Industrial Control System for real-time monitoring of technological and crushing processes was put into operation at the Secondary and Fine Crushing Production Unit in the Flotation Complex, Mirkovo village. Based on their long-term experience, a team of company specialists have upgraded the existing industrial control system in the Secondary and Fine Crushing Production Unit. The innovation is implemented by optimising the algorithms for crusher control.

The current upgrade integrates improved control algorithms of previous systems and over 50% completely new PLC-based control system for monitoring all technological lines, machines and units. The project provides an additional opportunity for data exchange with the General Information System of Ellatzite-Med AD. The control equipment is produced by a world’s leading manufacturer of industrial automation solutions.

The new industrial control system encompasses several subsystems, which are intended to control and improve workplace health and safety.

The effective implementation of the automated industrial control system has made a positive impact on mining productivity: the crushed ore sizing has been improved significantly. As a result, the scheduled maintenance time has been reduced by 30% and the processed ore productivity (based on tonnes/hour) has increased in the Secondary and Fine Crushing Production Unit. Last but not least, the consumed electricity per tonne of crushed ore has been reduced as well.



Ellatzite-Med AD
Project implementation period:
2013 - 2014


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