Mining industry

Reclamation of Benkovski-1 Tailings Pond

In 2004, Geotechmin OOD was selected as a designer and contractor in a public procurement procedure for Reclamation of Benkovski-1 Tailings Pond project. The proposed designs were approved by the Interdepartmental Expert Environmental Council at the Ministry of Environment and Water.

In January 2012, the last project under the Programme for eliminating previous environmental damages in Ellatzite-Med AD was completed and accepted – the Reclamation of Benkovski-1 Tailings Pond. The implementation of the programme helped to eliminate completely the risk to the environment and human health after the closure and rehabilitation of the tailings storage facility.

The extensive experience gained in the abovementioned project enabled Geotechmin’s team to execute successfully the design, construction and operation of Benkovski-2 Tailings Pond taking into consideration all possible measures for reducing dust emissions and controlling the amount of drainage waters.

Ellatzite-Med AD and Ministry of Environment and Water (MoEW), Bulgaria
Designer and Contractor:
Geotechmin OOD
Project implementation period:
2004 - 2012


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