Environment and climate

Environment and climate

Stewardship and Policies

With a clear awareness that environmental protection is humanity’s major goal, we conduct our business in compliance with current statutory and regulatory requirements and are committed to reducing the negative impact on climate and environment.
For Geotechmin OOD and our companies operating in the production, construction and trade sectors, being certified and maintaining the international standard ISO 14001:2015 provides a framework for responsible environmental management.
The largest company in the Group, Ellatzite-Med AD, is the first mining company in Bulgaria which has obtained ISO 50001:2018 – Energy Management Systems certification.

Our contribution to the environment

Our contribution to effective environmental management and energy transition to a low-carbon economy includes: digitalisation and automation; development, deployment and integration of innovative technologies and leading-edge equipment for beneficiation of low-grade copper ores thus achieving higher productivity, valuable metal recovery, and waste reduction; implementation of own clean energy investment projects.
Our companies are socially responsible investors implementing programmes, systems and investment solutions related to environment and climate protection. In 2009, four companies from GEOTECHMIN GROUP designed and built a project in Ellatzite Mine, which optimised ore mining processes by considerably shortening transport distances thus reducing CO2 emissions. Over the years, our teams have implemented key projects in the spheres of: development, integration and management of programmes to bring mining and industrial sites into compliance with legal and regulatory frameworks; design, construction, operation and maintenance of tailings ponds; development of integrated solutions for technical and biological reclamation  of polluted terrains; development of solutions and services for environmentally sound management of waste storage facilities for mining, industrial and household waste; design, construction, operation and maintenance of modern wastewater treatment plants and facilities; energy management; RES, etc.
clean energy projects

Other renewable energy projects

Our voluntary environmental initiatives

You can read more about our voluntary environmental initiatives and sustainable practices


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