Mining industry

New rougher flotation cell banks in the Grinding and Flotation Department of the Flotation Plant

In 2019, new rougher flotation cell banks were put into operation in the Grinding and Flotation Department of the Flotation Plant.

The flotation units TankCell® are manufactured by the Finnish company OUTOTEC – a world leader in providing cutting-edge mineral processing equipment. The capacity of each unit is 30 m3 and the total volume of all the new flotation cell banks is 300 m3. The equipment was delivered by Geotrading AD and was installed by Ellatzite-Med. Geostroy AD executed the construction of a production building to accommodate the new rougher flotation cell banks. Transremontstroy EAD and Ulichno Osvetlenie EAD were also involved in this construction project.

By implementing the project and making substantial investments in purchasing new equipment, Ellatzite-Med accomplished full renovation of the main flotation cell banks, thus maximizing flotation capacity and ore beneficiation output, while also reducing power consumption.

Ellatzite-Med AD
Project implementation period:
2018 - 2019


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