Mining industry

ASMO MOBILE – a field office

In 2020, a new unique software product specially designed for smartphones was put into operation providing real-time data for production processes directly on the employees’ phones. The application upgrades the in-house ASMO information system in Ellatzite-Med and is called ASMO MOBILE.

This mobile app successfully provides data from the information available in ASMO Module – a customized platform for AutoCad which accumulates all production information in one common environment and serves for data exchange between the production and technical departments. The mobile version offers all graphic models which are available in ASMO Module.

A special SOS feature has been added to the mobile app for sending SOS messages in emergency situations. The signal reaches all authorized persons who receive data about its source location.

The team which has developed the mobile app continues to work on upgrading it with the purpose of integrating all available digital systems, laboratory data and data collected from the automated production lines.

Investor and Contractor:
Ellatzite-Med AD
Project implementation period:


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