Mining industry

An innovative project for automated monitoring of deformation processes in an open stockpile

In 2021, specialists from the mine surveying and geotechnical department of Ellatzite Mine developed an innovative project for automated monitoring of the area around an open stockpile for crushed ore.

The project includes the construction of a new monitoring centre – an automated motorized total station installed in a protective booth. The cabin is also equipped with an infrastructural GNSS receiver for internal control, a device for the management and storage of measurement data, and a Wi-Fi communication module.

Additionally, 3 reference points (benchmarks) and 50 object points with optical survey prisms are provided. The project also includes vertical monitoring boreholes, etc.

The implementation of the project allows the total station, receiver and radio modules to transmit the received data to a collection module, and from it through the local network to a database server and computer workstations for analysis. Data analysis is performed in the Trimble 4DControl software.

Investor and Contractor:
Ellatzite-Med AD
Project implementation period:


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