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An innovative technology for improving the stability of Benkovski-2 Tailings Pond

In 2018 Ellatzite-Med AD was the first company in Europe to adopt an innovative technology for in-situ dewatering and consolidation of tailings using a specialized MudMaster machine in Benkovski-2 Tailings Pond. The processing of deposited tailings in the beach areas of Benkovski-2 Tailings Pond is carried out by applying the so-called Mud Farming technology using a specialized MudMaster MM19 machine. This effective and reliable approach increases the physico-mechanical properties of the tailings and their dewatering, thus accelerating the consolidation of the deposited material.

At the end of 2021, a second machine – MudMaster MM32 – was put into operation

Both MudMaster machines are designed and manufactured for the specific conditions of the tailings pond and are customised to the physical and mechanical properties of the deposited waste. The adopted scheme of work, which includes pre-treatment with MudMaster MM32 and subsequent treatment of the tailings with MudMaster MM19, accelerates the process and achieves significantly higher productivity.
The effects of adopting the new technology are:

  • dewatering and consolidation of the deposited tailings in the beach area, which have significantly increased the in-situ densities, thus providing 12% additional volumes for impoundment
  • significant increase in the physico-mechanical properties of the deposited tailings and improvement of the structural and operational stability of the facility
  • reduced tailings liquefaction
  • accelerated consolidation process
  • improved occupational health, safety and environmental conditions

This innovative technology for treatment of tailings pond beaches still has no equivalent in Bulgaria.

Project implementation period:
2018 - 2021


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