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Lot 1 Mezdra – Botevgrad Expressway

GEOPAT LOT 1 Consortium comprising Geostroy AD as leader and Patstroy-92 AD has been executing the design-build project Lot 1 of Road I-1 (E-79) Mezdra – Botevgrad. The total length of the road section is 19.3 km.

The project envisages reconstruction and modernisation of the existing road section I-1 (E79) Mezdra – Botevgrad from km 174+800 to km 194+122. The new road will be widened to a four-lane expressway with two lanes in each direction. Furthermore, new bypass roads to the villages of Lyuti Dol, Novachene and Skravena will be built.

The project also includes the construction of two-level road junctions at Botevgrad, Lyuti Dol and Novachene. Numerous roadside facilities will be built, such as large bridge structures, roadside facilities, support installations for intelligent transport systems, and public recreation areas.

A fully-completed 7.5 km section of the expressway has been put into operation between the villages of Skravena and Novachene. It includes Novachene road junction, three bridges, two overpasses, engineering infrastructure and utility connections, public recreation areas. New street lighting, road markings, road restraint systems, noise screens and bat shielding devices were installed. Reinforced earth retaining walls were also constructed.

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GEOPAT LOT 1 Consortium
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