Current projects

Modernisation of Plovdiv – Krumovo and Plovdiv – Skutare railway sections

Geostroy Lantania Consortium comprising one of the leading construction companies in Bulgaria – Geostroy AD and the Spanish company Lantania SA has been carrying out the design and construction of Plovdiv – Krumovo and Plovdiv – Skutare railway sections. The Employer of the project is the National Railway Infrastructure Company.

The project envisages modernisation of a rail track, railway facilities, overhead catenary and telecommunications systems in the above-mentioned railway sections including the railway stations Plovdiv Marshalling Yard, Krumovo, Skutare and Trakia Inspection Point.

Furthermore, complete replacement and upgrade of the signalling systems will be performed. Video surveillance systems are also planned to be installed. Construction of noise protection barriers is envisaged in the urban areas, as well as installation of safety fences, new culverts and drainage systems along the entire railway line.

With the implementation of this project, construction of a competitive railway infrastructure will be achieved in full compliance with the EU’s vision for the development of a unitary trans-European transport network.

The project Modernisation of the Rail Track, Overhead Catenary, Signalling and Telecommunication Systems in Plovdiv Railway Station and Construction of a Communication and Transport Tunnel System under the Railway Area of Plovdiv Railway Station is part of the project Development of Plovdiv Railway Node and is co-financed under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF).

National Railway Infrastructure Company
Geostroy Lantania Consortium
Project implementation period:
2020 - 2023


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