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Wastewater Treatment Plant in Ellatzite mine

Geostroy has been building a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) on the territory of Ellatzite Mine Complex.

The new plant will apply a cutting-edge water treatment technology of EnviroChemie, Germany for purification of pollutants from more than one source at the same time. It will cover an area of 4,336 m2, in close vicinity to the existing wastewater treatment plant using a technology of the Japanese company MMTEC.

The new wastewater treatment facility will consist of modular units with a capacity to purify up to 100 l/s of contaminated waters at the primary phase (4 modular units for chemical treatment with a capacity of 25 l/s each) and at the final phase ˗ 10 modular units with a capacity up to 250 l/s. The construction and assembly works will be organised in separate processes: excavation and filling works, concrete works, reinforcement, and assembly works.

It is the third wastewater treatment plant in the mine complex. The new facility is scheduled to be put into operation in 2025. It will provide better protection of the Negarshtitsa and Malak Iskar Rivers and their water resources in compliance with the regulatory requirements and GEOTECHMIN GROUP’s environmental stewardship strategy.

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