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Modern technologies for mine planning in Ellatzite Mine

Aiming to achieve production goals and secure the sustainable development of the Mine Complex, Ellatzite-Med continues to introduce and develop advanced technologies and approaches for planning mining operations. In 2018–2019, the company implemented the specialized mining software MinePlan™3D (MP3D), previously known as MineSight™3D, produced by HEXAGON MINING. In 2019, Ellatzite-Med signed a five-year technology partnership agreement with Hexagon’s Mining Division. Hexagon is a global leader in sensor, software and autonomous solutions. This mine-planning deal will supply Ellatzite-Med with HxGN MinePlan™3D software and services.

The following basic planning modules have been put into operation at Ellatzite mine so far: MineSight Economic Planner(MSEP), MineSight Haulage (MSH), Pit Expansion Tool (PET) and MineSight Schedule Optimizer (MSSO). The latter, combined with MSH and PET, provides the team with the right tools to define in detail, design, analyze and estimate the optimal sequence for exploitation of the open-pit mine. In that way, the development of efficient mining operations, profitability and safety are secured.

The implementation of MinePlan™3D has increased labor productivity by providing multivariance in the choice of strategy and development of mining operations, finding the optimal final pit design, a prospective design, and optimization of the intermediate pit designs. Furthermore, using this software has helped to improve staff qualification and the engineers’ analytical and spatial expertize.

Employer and Contractor:
Ellatzite-Med AD
Project implementation period:
2016 –


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