Construction and infrastructure

Reconstruction and Extension of the American College of Sofia

This is the first large-scale project for reconstruction and extension of the American College since its inauguration at the beginning of the 20th century. The construction activities are carried out without interrupting the college educational processes.

The scope of the contract includes demolition of existing buildings, repair and reconstruction of the two existing wings and construction of a new one to the main building of the college. The complete exterior of the building will be preserved in its original style, adding contemporary elements in compliance with the best requirements for modern classroom environment.

The project has been implemented thanks to America for Bulgaria Foundation which has provided nearly 80% of the total funding. The remaining part of the amount was raised with the assistance of the ASHA programme (American Schools and Hospitals Abroad) of the American Association for International Development USAID and other private and institutional donors. The project has won a first-place award in the prestigious national contest “Building of the Year 2019”.

American College of Sofia
Geostroy AD
Project implementation period:
2016 - 2018


A private company with over 30-year history, which has implemented some of the most successful and significant projects in the mining industry, industrial construction, road infrastructure and environmental protection in Bulgaria.