Construction and infrastructure

Capacity Enlargement of the Small Lagoons

In the past, the Small Lagoons 1 and 2 were used for depositing the sludge generated by the industrial wastewater treatment plant of MDK–UMPC. The lagoons were partially cleaned of the slime in 1997.

The preliminary design provided by Geotechmin for capacity enlargement of the Small Lagoons was based on a pre-feasibility study performed by SEGES-Belgium as well as on additional hydrogeological investigations. It was approved in October 1998. From an environmental perspective, the project aims to prevent water and soil contmination with arsenic and heavy metals by ensuring the smooth operation of the temporary wastewater treatment plant for a period of 3 years.

Union Miniere Pirdop Med AD
Designer and Contractor:
Geotechmin OOD
Project implementation period:
1998 – 1999


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