Construction and infrastructure

Struma Motorway, Lot 3.3 Kresna – Sandanski Road Section

Geostroy AD and Patstroy-92 AD together with their partners from Struma Lot 3.3 Consortium completed the construction of Lot 3.3 between Kresna and Sandanski from km 397+000 to km 420+624 under the project Struma Motorway – Lot 3.

The total lenght of Lot 3.3 is about 23.6 km. The main part of the new motorway passes alongside the River Struma and the existing Е-79 road.

The project envisages the construction of 9 large bridges in total length of 980 m, 2 road junctions near the village of Strumyani and near the town of Sandanski and a great number of site-specific road construction facilities and adjoining infrastructure.

The project is financed under Operational Programme Transport and Transport Infrastructure 2014 – 2020 and is implemented in accordance with the contractual terms of FIDIC, Yellow Book.

Road Infrastructure Agency
Struma Lot 3.3 Consortium (comprising Patstroy-92 AD and Geostroy AD)
Project implementation period:
2015 – 2018


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