Professionals from GEOTECHMIN GROUP present scholarship and internship opportunities at UACEG

Representatives of Geotechmin OOD, Ellatzite-Med AD, Geostroy AD and Geoproject EOOD presented scholarship and internship opportunities to third-year students majoring in Hydraulic Engineering and Water Supply and Sewerage at the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy (UACEG).

Mrs Antoaneta Georgieva, Human Resources Director at Geotechmin OOD, familiarised the students with the scholarship and internship programmes, highlighting the successful career path of numerous young people at the companies. ‘The scholarship programme offers an opportunity for students with a GPA above 4.50 to apply for an annual scholarship. The programme has been implemented for the fifth consecutive year and we have so far awarded more than 50 scholarships. Some of the scholarship holders are now full-time members of various teams in the Group,’ she said.

‘You have an amazing opportunity to do an internship and gain hands-on experience in some of the biggest companies in the country. The companies offer an excellent pay package, interesting work and opportunities for career growth. You can gain valuable experience and knowledge which will always be of great help to you,’ advised Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Ventzi Bojkov, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Hydraulic Engineering, UACEG, in his greeting speech to the students.

The biggest company in GEOTECHMIN GROUP – Ellatzite-Med is among the largest employers in Bulgaria with more than 2,000 employees. ‘In addition to our scholarship programme, we are offering a number of internship opportunities. The internship takes place during the summer months and we provide housing to students who come from other places. The interns also receive the same social benefits as those we provide to our employees,’ said Mrs Milena Hristova, Human Resources Director at Ellatzite-Med. Her colleague M.Eng. Momchil Boyadzhiev, Deputy Head of Water Tailings Facility, is a former student of UACEG. He strongly believes that the partnership between the university and GEOTECHMIN GROUP will be of great advantage to students’ future career prospects. With great enthusiasm, he shared with the students how he had started working at Ellatzite-Med thanks to GEOTECHMIN GROUP’s internship programme. ‘The company showed me that a young specialist can develop professionally and advance in his career if he is willing to work hard and possesses the required qualities.’

M.Eng. Elena Tsoneva, Marketing Director at Geostroy AD, is also a former student of UACEG. She talked about her wide-ranging experience in the company and the daily challenges faced by the team to find solutions to complex problems: from the construction of Struma Motorway to the latest ongoing project – Obelya Metro Station.

M.Eng. Ivaylo Stanev, Manager of Geoproject EOOD, impressed the students with his stories about the design and construction of the tailings storage facility and the project for extending the life of Ellatzite Mine. M.Eng. Slav Stoyanov, who works in the company as a designer, had graduated from the Faculty of Hydraulic Engineering at UACEG. ‘My specialty has a broad spectrum of applications and I’m glad that the company gives young people the opportunity to work on interesting projects and develop professionally.’ Mihail Vassilev, a fourth-year student at the Technical University of Varna, also works at Geoproject. ‘I am in constant contact with hydrotechnical and construction projects and sites. I would encourage you to apply for a job with us, because there are no other companies with such a good social policy towards their employees,’ he said.


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