Street fitness for the residents of Chavdar village

Street fitness is among the latest projects implemented by Chavdar Municipality and Geotechmin OOD, Ellatzite-Med AD, Geostroy AD and Geotrading AD under Bulgarian Virtues Charity Programme in 2023.
The tricolour ribbon officially inaugurating the new sports facility was cut by the Mayor of Chavdar Municipality Grigor Daulov, representatives of the donors and the project contractor.
‘This is the last project implemented under the three-year contract signed between Chavdar Municipality and the four companies from GEOTECHMIN GROUP,’ said Mr Daulov. He emphasized that during that period a lot of renovations were carried out in the village, including a general overhaul at Sakardzha Hut, reconstruction of the church, the school, and the kindergarten. Furthermore, children’s playgrounds were built, free preventive health check-ups were provided to the local residents, etc. ‘We have plenty of ideas for new social impact projects. I strongly believe that our partnership will continue to be so successful,’ the Mayor added.

Dominic Hamers, Executive Director of Geotechmin OOD, expressed his gratitude for being again in the village of Chavdar to celebrate the opening of another completed project under Bulgarian Virtues programme. Through this programme, numerous noble causes have been implemented to improve local people’s quality of life for a three years’ period.

The event was also attended by Mrs Maria Tomeva, Chairperson of Chavdar Municipal Council, M.Eng. Stoil Dimitrov, General Production Director at Ellatzite-Med, M.Eng. Ivan Kunchev, Director of the Flotation Complex, Mrs Neli Gerova, Manager of Indstroy Ltd, representatives of Geotechmin, employees of Chavdar Municipality, and local residents.


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