Construction and infrastructure

Struma Motorway, Lot 1, Dolna Dikanya – Dupnitsa Road Section

Patstroy-92 AD and its partners in Struma-1 Consortium executed the construction of Lot 1 of Struma Motorway, which is part of the transport axis Vidin – Sofia – Kulata included in the Trans-European Priority Project No. 7 of TEN-T.

The construction is financed under the Operational Programme “Transport 2007-2013“.

Patstroy-92 built two motorway sections with a total length of 7.98 km. They are located from km 305+220 to km 310+300 and from km 319+100 to km 322+000. The construction works include the execution of Dolna Dikanya and Dupnitsa North Road Junctions, some main and auxiliary road facilities, infrastructure networks and retaining walls.

Road Infrastructure Agency
Struma-1 Consortium (with Patstroy-92 AD as a partner)
Project implementation period:
2011 - 2013


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