Construction and infrastructure

Construction of a Raw Vermiculite Separating Installation in the village of Gara Elin Pelin

The installation produces vermiculite concentrate and exfoliated vermiculite by processing and enrichment of raw vermiculite, which is extracted from Livade quarry near the village of Belitsa, Ihtiman Municipality.

The general contractor of the project Geostroy AD has built the following subprojects: indoor premises of the vermiculite separating installation with three main sections: a raw vermiculite storage area, a separating facility and a finished product warehouse; silos for waste materials; ancillary structures – a service building, a weighbridge and a transformer substation. The work scope also includes landscaping, external water sewerage and electricity connections, and site fencing.

Helix EOOD
Geoproject EOOD
Geostroy AD
Project implementation period:
2012 - 2014


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