Construction and infrastructure

Regional Landfill for Non-Hazardous Waste for Botevgrad, Etropole and Pravets Municipalities

This is the second largest project under Priority Axis 2 of the Operational Programme “Environment 2007-2013” after Sadinata Non-Hazardous Waste Landfill of Sofia Municipality.

The regional landfill covers an area of about 130 decares. It is located 2 km north of the town of Botevgrad near the village of Trudovets. It comprises two landfill cells covering a total area of 62,450 m2.

The project was implemented by the best available technologies. It includes the construction of the first landfill cell (33,000 m2), an administrative area (3,645 m2), internal infrastructure and 6,600 m2 of service roads, access infrastructure (a road, a main water pipeline and power supply), approximately 48,000 m2 of adjoining green areas and repair of a bridge. Patstroy-92 executed excavation works, filling works, concrete works, asphalt concrete paving, etc.

Botevgrad Municipality
Infrastroy Consortium (with Patstroy-92 AD as a partner)
Project implementation period:
December 2010 – November 2012


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