Construction and infrastructure

Regional Waste Management System in Gabrovo and Tryavna Region

The reconstruction and modernisation of a municipal solid waste landfill to serve the needs of Gabrovo and Tryavna municipalities is one of the major infrastructure projects in Bulgaria. Being a member of Eko Geo Dimas Consortium,
Geostroy AD took part in the execution of the project funded under Priority Axis 2 of the Operational Programme “Environment 2007 – 2013”.

A subtantial part of the construction and assembly works were carried out on the territory of the operating landfill site in full coordination with the on-site staff and without interrupting the normal working rhythm of the facility.

The following subprojects were executed by Geostroy AD: a landfill cell for municipal solid waste, on-site service roads, a retention basin, a landfill-gas treatment site, truck scales, a disinfection pit, a wheel washing platform, a carwash for garbage trucks and containers, an administrative building, a compost piling depot, a compost curing facility, a garage workshop, a warehouse for storing spare parts and consumables, a platform for solid waste separation and a retaining wall, on-site water and electricity supply, monitoring wells, landscaping and pavements, a fence, and external infrastructure connections.

Gabrovo Municipality
Eko Geo Dimas Consortium (with Geostroy AD as a partner)
Project implementation period:
2013 - 2015


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