Construction and infrastructure

Regional Waste Management Centre, Samokov

In November 2014, Geotechmin OOD , Geotechmin OOD signed a contract with Samokov Municipality for construction of a Regional Waste Management Centre in the town of Samokov – 1st stage and external infrastructure, part of the project Construction of a Regional Waste Management System in the Region of Kostenets (Samokov). The project is funded under Priority Axis 2 Improvement and Development of Waste Treatment Infrastructure of the Operational Programme “Environment 2007-2013”.

The first stage of the project includes construction of Cell No.1 of the waste landfill, its related infrastructure, the main buildings and other adjacent facilities, as well as external infrastructure.

The scope of activities performed by Geostroy AD includes the construction of buildings and facilities in the reception area and on the waste treatment site: an administrative building, a pump station, a buffer tank, a reverse-osmosis water treatment plant for leachate and related facilities, a potable water supply pipeline, power supply, a garage, etc.

Bekastroy EAD executed the construction of a reception area and related infrastructure, landscaping of sidewalks and pathways, on-site potable and fire-fighting water supply, a sewerage system, technological infrastructure, on-site service roads and external infrastructure connections to the site – a water supply and drainage system, electricity supply and an access road.

Bekastroy as leader of Obedinenie Chistota BKS-S 2014 Consortium executed construction and assembly works in another project Design and Construction of Separating and Composting Installations for Municipal Solid Waste, which is also part of the construction of a regional waste management system in the region of Kostenets (Samokov).

Samokov Municipality
Geotechmin OOD
Project implementation period:
2014 - 2015


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