Construction and infrastructure

Projects on the Territory of Chelopech Mining Complex

Chelopech Tailings Management Facility – Buttress Construction Project

The purpose of the project is to provide additional storage space for deposition of tailings generated by the mining activities of Chelopech Mining. This is done by buttressing and overbuilding the main wall of Chelopech tailings pond. As a result, the operating lifetime of the facility has been increased without changing the disposal technology and the hydrotransport system.

Reconstruction and Modernisation of Chelopech Ore Concentration Plant

Geotechmin executed the following sub-projects aimed at modernising the ore concentration plant of Chelopech Mining: a Cemented Paste Backfill Plant – Civil Works and Foundation Construction; Execution of Foundations for a Flotation Tank Farm and a Lime Tank Farm; Reconstruction of Groshovitza-1 and Groshovitza-2 Water Catchment Facilities and Reconstruction of a Water Pipeline Leading to Collection Shaft 1 of the Water Supply System of Tsarkvishte Village, Zlatitsa Municipality; Earthworks and Construction Works in Concentrate Handling (Area 15); Refurbishment of the Access Road to Sever Ventilation Shaft.

One common feature of all these projects is that the construction and assembly works were performed under conditions of ongoing production in the operating facilities and departments in strict compliance with the Employer’s specific occupational health and safety requirements.

Chelopech Mining EAD
Geotechmin OOD
Project implementation period:
July 2009 – May 2011


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