Construction and infrastructure

Construction of Five Small Hydropower Plants (SHPP) under Sreden Iskar Hydropower Cascade Project

In the period 2006 – 2013, Geotechmin OOD and Geostroy AD executed the construction of five small hydropower plants for VEZ Svoge AD (PPP between Petrolvilla Bulgaria AD and Svoge Municipality).

All these plants are part of the project Sreden Iskar Hydropower Cascade, which is the first riverbed facility on the Balkan Peninsula and the largest one in Southeast Europe.

Geotechmin executed the following sections in each of the hydropower plants: a SHPP building, inflow and outflow facilities, an overflow, a fish passageway, service and access roads, landscaping.

The reinforced concrete works were performed using the traditional “bottom-to-top” method under adverse geological conditions beneath the Iskar riverbed and at times of high water flow.

By taking part in this project, the companies from GEOTECHMIN GROUP once again demonstrated their responsible attitude towards environmental protection and rational use of renewable energy sources.

The results from conducted monitoring over the operating SHPP indicate that these riverbed facilities substantially contribute to the purity of the Iskar River, thus stimulating biodiversity and conservation of the fluvial flora and fauna.

Technical and economic indicators:

  • installed capacity: 14.25 MW
  • average net productivity: 75 GWh/year
VEZ Svoge AD (PPP between Petrolvilla Bulgaria AD and Svoge Municipality)
Geotechmin OOD and Geostroy AD
Project implementation period:
2006 – 2013


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