98 students receive awards at ” The Magic of Production. Ore Mining – Knowledge and Future” competition

98 students in grades 5 – 12 from Sofia region were awarded at the student competition “The Magic of Production. Ore Mining – Knowledge and Future”. The competition is part of the corporate social responsibility of Geotechmin OOD and Ellatzite-Med AD.
The students participated in the contest with their writings, drawings and installations presenting their views on ore mining which will be controlled by robots thus providing an opportunity for extracting raw materials from space. The children described in their writings and demonstrated in their installations how they see a “smart factory” and a wastewater treatment plant of the future. In their vision, the worker of the future will rely even more extensively on machines and technology. To prepare for their projects, students used information and support materials from the mineral raw materials industry, historical and popular science books, or they learned from their parents about the digital transformation of mining companies in Bulgaria.
‘So far, the topics of our competitions have been dedicated to one big cause – national identity, freedom, spiritual values. In 2019, we put at the centre of the student competition the earth’s riches and the economy because today, along with spirituality, they are the drivers providing work, power and opportunities to be equal with other nations and live a better life. We are so proud that we have managed to arouse great interest in this not so common topic among the young talents and we are very contented with their ideas and solutions for the future of the mining sector,’ explained the organizers of the competition.
An authoritative jury evaluated the works of the contestants from 12 partner schools in the municipalities of Etropole, Zlatitsa, Koprivshtitsa, Mirkovo, Pirdop, Chavdar and Chelopech. The awards – first, second, and third place in two age categories – were presented at special events in Etropole and Mirkovo. The events were attended by students, teachers, mayors and people working in the sphere of culture. By tradition, the partner schools received donations of school supplies and equipment.


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