Schools and library clubs in Srednogorie region and Etropole received books from Geotechmin and Ellatzite-Med

For the sixth year in a row, Geotechmin and Ellatzite-Med have organized cultural events within the corporate social responsibility programme Culture and National Identity. The events took place in 20th April Trade Complex in the town of Koprivshtitsa on 7 November and in Etropolia Complex in the town of Etropole on 9 November. They were attended by representatives of local authorities, school headmasters, librarians, teachers, and local media.
On the occasion of the National Enlighteners’ Day, Geotechmin and Ellatzite-Med AD donated books to 14 schools and 16 library clubs in Srednogorie region and Etropole municipality.
Representatives of seven partner schools within the region of Srednogorie and Etropole where Ellatzite-Med operates a concession participated in Treasures from the Past Contest and received a specially made gift book. It reveals the talent and genuine emotions through which the contest winners have recreated important family events and traditions. The guests of these cultural events had a chance to enjoy a short film about the contest..
The event in Koprivshtitsa was attended by the Mayor of Koprivshtitsa Gencho Gerdanov, the Mayor of Zlatitsa Magdalena Ivanova, the Mayor of Pirdop Angel Gerov, the Deputy Mayor of Pirdop Vera Boytcheva, and the Mayor of the village of Dushantsi Valentin Petrov. Ellatzite-Med was presented by Mrs Keti Kirova – Financial Director and Member of the Management Board, Mrs Simona Sabkova – Human Resources Director, and representatives of Geotechmin. Students from the brass band at Luben Karavelov High School in Koprivshtitsa performed a short concert during the event.
Special guests of the event in Etropole were the Deputy Mayor of Etropole Rositsa Hristova, the Director of the Historical Museum Natalia Tsvetkova, the Chairman of Todor Peev-1871 Library Club Hristo Andreev, as well as the headmasters of the partner schools Mrs Mila Mancheva, Mrs Desislava Naydenova and Mr Ivan Ivanov.
The guests were delighted by the series of poems “Avens” composed and recited by children from Hristo Yasenov Literary Club. Furthermore, the folklore ensemble “Balkan Youth” played beautiful dances and entertained the public.


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