Prof. Voutov receives the Sign of Bulgarians Plaquette on the occasion of Miner’s Day

‘Happy Miner’s Day to Mirkovo residents and all employees of Ellatzite-Med! Today they celebrate Miner’s Day with a grand concert for all local people. Ellatzite-Med is among the economic giants not only in Sofia region, but also in the whole country. Around 1,000 employees work at the Flotation Plant in Mirkovo only. I wish lots of success to Ellatzite-Med’s management team and to the founder of Geotechmin, Prof. DSc. Eng. Tzolo Voutov, in their future business endeavours because prosperous enterprises in Sofia region bring more economic security for its citizens!’ This congratulatory message was written by Sofia Regional Governor Yulian Lekov on his Facebook page. He was among the official guests at the Miner’s Day celebration organised by Ellatzite-Med in the Sports Complex – Mirkovo on 20 September. At the event, Mr Lekov bestowed the Sign of Bulgarians Plaquette on Prof. DSc. Eng. Voutov. This is another award received by the President of Geotechmin, who had also been conferred the prestigious title “Honoured Citizen of Sofia Region”.
More than 3,000 employees at the Flotation Plant of Ellatzite-Med and their families, mayors of municipalities in Srednogorie region, partners and friends of the company attended the festivities under the motto “We Work Together and Rejoice Together!” It was the second celebration of Miner’s Day after the party in the town of Etropole on 15 September where over 3,000 people working at Ellatzite Open-pit Mine and their guests had plenty of fun.
‘Ellatzite-Med is among the leaders in the Bulgarian mining industry, among the top companies applying cutting-edge mining technologies and innovative solutions. The company has proved its capability to develop sustainably in times of economic crises. It is thanks to the responsible attitude of each employee to their job duties and the huge investments made in the company. Our policy aims at maximising the efficient extraction and utilisation of the non-renewable copper resources from Ellatzite deposit and extend the mine life. Furthermore, we strive to guarantee the jobs of our employees, protect the environment and support local communities,’ said the Executive Director of Ellatzite-Med and Chairman of the Management Board of the Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Geology M.Eng. Dragomir Draganov.
‘As part of GEOTECHMIN Industrial Group, we are all striving together to be a modern company, to raise Ellatzite-Med to the level of global mining industry leaders and I strongly believe that we are comparable to them. We always set our goals high and try to exceed them. Our primary objective is to have predictability, a guarantee for all our employees, for our future,’ said M.Eng. Stoil Dimitrov, General Production Director when congratulating his colleagues.
‘With our work, we provide stable and sustainable mining production which gives security and subsistence to us and our families in the coming years,’ said M.Eng. Ivan Kunchev, Director of the Flotation Complex.
‘The results you are reporting today at Ellatzite-Med are due to long years of hard work. The company is an international leader in the extraction of metalliferous minerals. This work is a standard that secures the company’s future not only in a national, but also in a global perspective,’ said the Director of the Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Geology PhD Eng. Ivan Mitev to the miners and employees of the company.
The event was attended by Prof. DSc. Eng. Tzolo Voutov, President of Geotechmin OOD, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Ellatzite-Med and Honorary Chairman of the Scientific and Technical Union of Mining, Geology and Metallurgy; PhD Eng. Ivan Vutov, Vice President of Geotechmin OOD, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Geotrading AD and Deputy Chairman of the Managing Board of the Confederation of Employers and Industrialists in Bulgaria; Mr Dominic Hamers, Executive Director of Geotechmin OOD; Mrs Emilia Ilieva, Executive Director of Geotrading AD, and the entire management team of Ellatzite-Med AD. Special guests were the Mayor of Mirkovo Municipality Mrs Tsvetanka Yotina, the mayors of Srednogorie municipalities, hundreds of guests, friends and employees of GEOTECHMIN GROUP’s companies
The program hosts Stanislava Gencheva and Kamen Vodenicharov helped create a festive atmosphere during the celebrations. The talented musicians from Etro Brass Band, the folklore ensemble Srednogorie, the female choir Srednogorski Zvan and the bagpipe group Chelopeshki Polah received rapturous applause from the audience. The show presented an exciting array of performing artists, including the comedians Hristo Garbov and Krasi Radkov who assumed the role of the footballer Gatso Batsov. The hip-hop artist 100 Kila and the bagpipers from 300 Litres band took over the stage. The show continued with the amazing performances of the Canaries Orchestra, the pop folk singer Ivana, Gumzata Brass Show, and of course – the Ku-Ku Band musicians and Magadance Ballet. The event concluded with spectacular fireworks during the last song “Take fire, light me up.”


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