Geotechmin Group’s companies supported the Educational Initiative Treasure Hunt

For the second consecutive year, the companies from GEOTECHMIN GROUP – Geotechmin OODGeotrading ADGeostroy AD and Ellatzite-Med AD have been partners in the adventure race Treasure Hunt. The event took place on 8-9 June 2019 and was co-organised by BBC Knowledge Мagazine and the National Museum of Natural History with the support of the Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Geology. The Group’s companies joined the event with the intent to enhance children’s aspiration to acquire new knowledge.
Nearly 1000 visitors – children and parents – joined the hunt on the “Treasure Island” hosted by the National Museum of Natural History. Armed with a special map and seeking hidden instructions in the halls, the guests had to find out 13 treasures – minerals whose names they had to write in a personal card and give to the organisers in the finals.
At the end of the race, companies from the mining sector including GEOTECHMIN GROUP’s companies gave short presentations about their activities and the mineral raw materials industry. The kids were able to take books of classic Bulgarian literature as a keepsake, take a photo of themselves dressed as miners wearing safety helmets and goggles and standing next to mini models of mine haulage machines.


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