Geotechmin Group gives shelter to Ukranian refugees

GEOTECHMIN GROUP has provided free accommodation to more than 100 refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine. Seventy-five of them were housed in a hotel and a hostel in Etropole Municipality. 25 children are among the refugees, the youngest of whom is a three-month-old baby. The accommodation and subsistence expenses including food, baby sanitary supplies and powdered milk are covered by Bulgarian Virtues Charity Programme, founded by Prof. DSc. Tzolo Voutov, President of Geotechmin OOD. Supporting the most vulnerable amongst Ukranian refugees ˗ women, children and elderly families who came to Bulgaria, is rendered as a separate activity in addition to the donations given by the Group’s companies ˗ Geotechmin OODEllatzite-Med ADGeostroy AD and Geotrading AD o the Bulgarian Red Cross humanitarian aid for destitute people in Ukraine.
In these unprecedented times, numerous people contacted us through the National Portal for the Victims of the War in Ukraine – and chose the option for 90-day free accommodation at our hotels. Among them are civilians forced out of their homes to escape the intense bombing or the humanitarian crisis in their devastated cities. Some of them are employees of business companies from destroyed towns, who nowadays continue to work from Bulgaria. Others are members of separated families, children whose parents cannot leave Ukraine and came here accompanied by their relatives. People who were ready to remain in the nightmare of war, if we do not allow them to shelter their pets, too.
At this moment, our major concern is to ensure peace and security to these people and assist them in obtaining temporary protection cards, for which we are particularly grateful to the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior – Etropole.
We will continue helping our Ukrainian partners and all Ukrainian refugees accommodated at GEOTECHMIN GROUP’s hotels. We will inform them about their rights under the European Council Directive 2001/55/EC of 20 July 2001 and the respective regulations in Bulgaria.
This is a situation of tremendous human suffering. We strongly believe we have a moral duty to help in any way we can. Supporting socially significant initiatives and sharing essential Bulgarian and universal virtues are at the heart of our charity programme. We have summoned a team of enthusiasts who have been working constantly to help accommodate Ukrainian civilians in our hotels, to assist them in obtaining temporary protection cards, to provide them with transportation, access to health care and vaccination, to explain mothers how to enroll their children in a kindergarten, etc. We highly appreciate the support given to us by the competent Bulgarian institutions and organizations, and extend our sincere gratitude to the people who are helping us in this gratuitous initiative.


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