Geotechmin Group completed the “Green Rust” pilot project

In 2016, GEOTECHMIN GROUP completed successfully a pilot project for on-site treatment of uranium-bearing, heavy metal and metalloid polluted waters. It was implemented in a modular experimental installation assembled on the territory of the former Hydrometallurgical Treatment Plant “Metallurg” near the town of Buhovo. This innovative project is part of a large-scale plan for remediation and reclamation of contaminated terrains. HTP “Metallurg” and its tailings pond had been in operation until the liquidation of uranium extraction in Bulgaria.
This project was implemented for the first time in Bulgaria by adopting an innovative technology for acid mine water treatment of Mitsubishi Materials Techno Corporation (ММТЕС), Japan. GEOTECHMIN GROUP and ММТЕС have signed a long-term technical cooperation agreement. The Employer on the Bulgarian part is Geotechmin OOD and the Contractor is Geostroy AD.
The technology of MMTEC is well known as “Green Rust”. It is a successful example of sustainable waste management and environmental engineering. For GEOTECHMIN GROUP it is one of the most advanced projects implementing an innovative methodology for environmental restoration. The technology is based on a chemical method combining three processes: reduction, adsorption and sedimentation, which makes it unique.
The experiment results obtained during the pilot project show that by applying the Japanese know-how for neutralization by sludge circulation, simultaneous removal of most heavy metals and radionuclides has been achieved. The end product of this chemical reaction is magnetite with heavy metal inclusions, which constitutes chemically stable solid waste. The “Green Rust” technology has numerous advantages over the biological treatment method which requires larger land areas and more time.
After completion of the joint trials in Buhovo, the technology will be able to be used not only for rehabilitation of contaminated terrains, but also for treatment of heavy metal, metalloid and radionuclide polluted waters in various industrial sites in Bulgaria and abroad.


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