BCMG honours Geotechmin OOD for corporate social responsibility and Ellatzite-Med AD – for innovation

On Miner’s Day – 18 August 2020, the Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Geology (BCMG) announced its traditional awards. Geotechmin OOD received a plaque and an honorary certificate in the category “Corporate Social Responsibility” for its Charity Programme Bulgarian Virtues. The company was also awarded a special certificate of appreciation for its active participation in the National Donation Campaign against the spread of Covid–19. Ellatzite-Med AD received a plaque and a certificate of recognition in the category “Innovation” for integrating leading-edge mining software.
The Bulgarian Virtues Charity Programme was initiated by Prof. DSc. Eng. Tzolo Voutov in December 2018. It embraces the benevolent support of the companies Geotechmin OOD, Ellatzite-Med AD, Geostroy AD and Geotrading AD. The programme promotes socially significant causes focused on health care, spiritual growth, preservation of historical heritage, education and many other priority projects for the local communities in the regions where the Group’s companies operate.
Ellatzite-Med AD gained the annual Innovation Award for the project Development of Consolidated Schedule Optimization by Using Specialized Mining Software for Strategic Mine Planning HxGN, MinePlanTM 3D in Ellatzite Mine. In 2019, basing on the experience gained by generations of mining professionals, the engineering and technical staff of Ellatzite-Med AD took a step forward towards more efficient design. The adoption of this smart system for automated generation of production schedules has helped to ensure continuous real-time communication between the mine staff and the production machines. The development of numerous wide-ranging scenarios provides for most efficient utilization of natural resources with maximized productivity.
The Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Geology awarded Mrs Keti Kirova, Financial Director and member of the Management Board of Ellatzite-Med AD, with a personal award for her active contribution to the Bulgarian mineral resources industry. Mrs Kirova is an active member of the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Policies in the organization and received an honorary statuette “Flame”.


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