Prof. Voutov becomes Doctor Honoris Causa at the University of Mining and Geology

The President of Geotechmin OOD Prof. DSc. Eng. Tzolo Voutov was conferred the highest honorary academic title “Doctor Honoris Causa” of the University of Mining and Geology “St. Ivan Rilski” (UMG). The decision was taken unanimously by the UMG Academic Council earlier this month. It was announced by the Rector Prof. PhD Ivaylo Koprev upon presenting the honorary insignia to Prof. Voutov during a solemn ceremony. The event was attended by the Academic Council, representatives of the Board of Trustees including PhD Eng. Ivan Vutov, M.Eng. Dragomir Draganov, Chairman of the Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Geology (BCMG), the management team of the Scientific and Technical Union of Mining, Geology and Metallurgy (STU of MGM), senior managers of companies from GEOTECHMIN GROUP, and students.
‘Prof. Voutov is an internationally recognized leader and visionary in the field of open pit mining. We confer this honorary doctoral degree for his exceptional contribution to the advancement of mining sciences, education and sustainable mining practices and for enhancing the University’s image in the European higher education and research area,’ said Prof. Koprev.
The reasons for this prestigious award include Prof. Voutov’s long-standing support to the scientific and educational activities of the University; his consistent support in establishing international partnerships; providing opportunities for UMG professors to attend scientific conferences and projects, thus fostering their expertise and knowledge exchange. Prof. Voutov and companies from GEOTECHMIN GROUP were the major sponsors to the construction of St Ivan Rilski Orthodox Chapel in the university campus. The President of Geotechmin OOD has played a key role in financing the renovation of numerous lecture halls, laboratories, etc. Furthermore, GEOTECHMIN GROUP has provided nearly 50 scholarships to UMG students and supports their professional development.
‘I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Prof. Koprev, to the members of the Academic Council, to all lecturers at UMG, to the colleagues from GEOTECHMIN GROUP, from STU of MGM, BCMG and the Board of Trustees for their dedication and cooperation over the years,’ said Prof. Voutov upon receiving the honorary title. He also thanked his family, feeling proud that all of them are UMG graduates. ‘Wherever I have been, I have always emphasized that I am a graduate of the University of Mining and Geology and I am very proud of it,’ added the President of Geotechmin OOD. What is more, he announced the next initiative to support the University – he will renovate the Library which houses a collection of 120,000 books.
Among the major accomplishments in the mining sector, attained by Prof. Voutov and his team from GEOTECHMIN GROUP, have been the lifespan extension of Ellatzite mine by 25 years, employment preservation in the region, and enhancing the socio-economic development of the municipalities where the Group operates. His significant research and engineering contribution has ranked him among the most renowned mining specialists in the field of open pit mining of non-ferrous metals.
Prof. Voutov is a recipient of the Order of Stara Planina, First Degree, for his outstanding contribution and services to the economic development of the country as well as dozens of other prestigious awards in the fields of business, science and society.


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