Construction and infrastructure

San Stefano Plaza Multifunctional Complex, Sofia

The complex is situated in the heart of Sofia on a total floorage area of 55,000 m2 and comprises luxury apartments, retail stores, Class A offices, a training centre and a four-level underground car park with 488 parking spaces.

An integral part of the complex is Proshekovo Pivo Beerhouse which replicates the facade of the first brewery in Sofia.

The building has obtained Class A energy efficiency certification and the life cycle assessment (LCA) calculations indicate 80 years of expected longevity.

The complex is certified under the leading global standard for sustainable buildings BREEAM – 2013 with an “Excellent” rating and has won the prestigious Building of the Year 2016 Award.

San Stefano Plaza Development EAD
Geostroy AD
Project implementation period:
2012 - 2016


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