Construction and infrastructure

20th April Complex in the town of Koprivshtitsa

The landmark building, which is situated on the central town square, was fully renovated.

By executing the complete interior reconstruction, rehabilitation and repair of the complex, Geostroy AD has changed the function of a greater part of its premises.

The complex consists of a main two-storey mixed-use building and includes: a tavern with a capacity to serve up to 70 people, a restaurant for up to 120 guests, a beautiful garden patio offering outdoor dining for up to 70 people, a patisserie for up to 70 people, and an event hall accommodating up to 250 visitors.

20th April Complex
2 “20th April” Square, town of Koprivshtitsa

Telephone for reservations:

Manager: Maria Takucheva

Mobile phone: +359 875 770 084



Mobile phone: + 359 876 800 281

Ellatzite-Med AD
Geostroy AD
Project implementation period: :
2014 – 2016


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