Construction and infrastructure

Foundations for Wind Generators

Geotechmin OOD has built the foundations for 14 wind generators in Dobrich region – 6 units in Kamen Bryag village, 1 unit in the town of Kavarna and 7 units in the town of Shabla. The wind generators are model Vestas V90 with a nominal power of 3 MW. They are 105 m tall and weigh 70 tons. The diameter of their rotor is 110 meters.

Structural parameters of the foundations:

  • foundation dimensions – 18/18/2.7 m
  • depth of excavations – 3.5 m
  • amount of reinforcement installed in a foundation – 52 tons
  • amount of concrete laid in a foundation – 800 m3

The project also includes construction of 15 km of roads and 14 crane stations (dimensions 30/50 m) for positioning of the 1,000-ton mobile crane which is used for installing the wind turbines.

Conducted works:

  • excavation works – 16,000 m3
  • reinforcement works – 728 tons
  • formwork – 2,700 m2
  • concrete works – 11,000 m3
  • flanges for fixing the turbines’ towers – 14 pcs
  • crushed stone for roads and crane stations – 360,000 tons
  • geotextile for roads and crane stations – 100,000 m2
Global Wind Power A/S, Denmark
Geotechmin OOD
Project implementation period:
2008 – 2009


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