The authors of “Professions for You” film receive appreciation certificates

More than 30 students who had made “Professions for You” film received appreciation certificates at a special event at Hristo Smirnenski Community Centre in the town of Zlatitsa. The film is part of a joint project between Geotechmin OOD, Ellatzite-Med AD and Harlequin Association. The children are from Srednogorie region where the Group operates. They took part in the project Let’s Make a Movie by presenting 5 key mining professions – an HSE expert, an ore-dressing engineer, an electrical I&A engineer, a mechanical engineer, and a TMF technologist. The certificates were awarded by Dr Rositsa Mladenova, Director of Harlequin Children and Youth Media Art Festival. The students were praised for completing 1st level “Introduction to Basic Film Professions and Film Production”.

‘I would like to congratulate all students who won an award at this festival. Keep being so dedicated, follow your dreams, live your life to the fullest. You are the future of our nation,’ said the Mayor of Zlatitsa Municipality Mr Lyubomir Tsvetkov who was a guest attending the event.

‘Let’s Make a Movie is a successful project. I would like to thank Geotechmin and Ellatzite-Med for giving students an opportunity to get acquainted with high-tech copper production,’ said Dr Rositsa Mladenova. She expressed her special gratitude to Prof. DSc. Eng. Voutov. ‘For 12 years since the festival started, we have been working with various managers, institutions and ministers. I am fascinated by Prof. Voutov, because he was personally interested in the children’s progress, asking us what else could be done to enrich their knowledge, what they have learned, etc. It is because he wants to help the regions to develop and offer young people opportunities for personal growth.’

‘We have learned how to write short film scripts, to shoot with a camera, and that making a film is a team effort,’ said the children. They were amazed to see how large Ellatzite-Med was and how responsibly mine workers were performing all operations on the mine site. The students also learned that copper is a critical raw material, underpinning all of the essential goods and services we use in our everyday life.

M.Eng. Momchil Boyadzhiev, a TMF technologist at Ellaztite-Med, described the process of mine reclamation to the attendees. Mrs Tsonka Dzhuneva admitted that it was easier for her to work as an ore-dressing engineer than to be in front of the cameras.

At the end of the event, Dr Rositsa Mladenova explained the next steps the students would take. They will subtitle the film “Professions for You” and present it at a film festival in Italy.


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