Prof. Tzolo Voutov is the major donor to a new Orthodox Church in Rumyantsevo

On 24 May, His Grace Мetropolitan Ignatiy of Pleven performed a solemn consecration of the new Ss Cyril and Methodius Church in the village of Rumyantsevo. The new church was erected on the site of an old one bearing the same name which had been demolished in the years before 1989.
The official ceremony was attended by the industrialist Prof. DSc. Eng. Tzolo Voutov, who is the major donor to the church together with his family, PhD Eng. Vladimir Vutov, and other guests.
The Mayor of Lukovit Municipality Mr. Ivan Grancharov thanked the main donor Prof. Tzolo Voutov in the presence of а great number of guests. Prof. Voutov is closely connected with Rumyantsevo, he has supported public buildings, rehabilitation of streets and has been made an honorary citizen of Lukovit Municipality. ‘You must be very proud of this fellow-citizen!’ said Mr. Grancharov, then added, (…) ‘There are people for whom faith is an inherent and genuine need.’
Prof. Tzolo Voutov made an appeal to the laity to give reverence to the church, come to pray and do good deeds motivated by loving kindness and compassion. He made a gift to the church and to more than 700 local residents, which conveyed a symbolic message: a large copper baptismal font. Then he addressed the young people in the square, ‘There is no future without the young. Bulgaria has a bright future, it is a wonderful country and will become one of the most attractive and desirable places to live in.’


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