M.Eng. Vasil Shishkov awards actor Philip Bukov at Worthy Bulgarians ceremony

Worthy Bulgarians are big-hearted people who have done acts of kindness to strangers, people striving for noble causes and helping to change their country for the better. For the 21st time, the 24 Chasa Daily newspaper has organised the Worthy Bulgarians ceremony where 43 brave men, women and children were honoured for their courage and heroism to help people in need. Geotechmin OOD traditionally supports the newspaper’s initiative with the strong belief that good deeds must be revealed and be a positive example for everyone
At the end of last year, actor Philip Bukov saved a mother and her baby, while they were crossing the street on a pedestrian crossing, by blocking the way of a truck with his motorbike. For his heroic act, he received an award on behalf of GEOTECHMIN GROUP presented by M.Eng. Vasil Shishkov, Director of Ellatzite Mine Complex.
‘Aristotle said that courage is the first virtue. Two lives were saved in 10 seconds. I am delighted to present this award to a young Bulgarian actor who is committed to doing his very best even outside his comfort zone. He is a great example for everyone!’ said M.Eng. Shishkov.
‘Regrettably, what I see in our society is that we are more often united by hatred rather than love. And that indicates a necrosis in our society. The rod we can insert into the wheel of evil is gratitude and support. When someone’s good deeds are encouraged, they are more likely to be repeated without hesitation. When someone thanks you for something, it warms your heart, touches your soul, you are pleased and tomorrow you will not hesitate to do it again,’ said actor Philip Bukov. He believes that good deeds must be encouraged and appreciated, to inspire others to do more, so that Bulgaria can become a much better place to live.


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