Starting up

The history of GEOTECHMIN GROUP begins on 12 December 1990 with the foundation of Geotechmin SVS-Consult Engineering by Prof. Velichko Stoyanov (on the left), Prof. Dimitar Subashki (in the middle) and Research Fellow M.Eng. Tzolo Voutov (on the right), all of them having substantial experience in mining and research works.


First steps in private business

In the beginning, the company provides preliminary economic and market assessments and feasibility studies in the mining sector. Subsequently, Geotechmin starts implementing its first construction projects: in the picture ˗ M.Eng. Tzolo Voutov with colleagues on the site where a vertical ventilation borehole for a drainage gallery is driven in Assarel Mine.


In-house development of GTMdata software

Geotechmin completes its first large-scale mining project Design and Construction of a New Primary Crushing Unit 2 (KET-2) in Ellatzite Mine. </br></br> The company’s team has developed, deployed and integrated its own specialized software GTMdata for open-pit mine production management and reporting. The application is an essential component of the initial streamlining processes for digitalisation at Ellatzite-Med and over the years it has been continuously upgraded with new modules and functions.


First digital geological and geostatistical model for mineral resource assessment

Geotechmin is the first Bulgarian mining company to purchase, deploy and integrate leading-edge mining software – DATAMINE and Whittle 4D for mine production management, optimisation and strategic mine planning in open-pit mines. Using these world-class software solutions, Geotechmin creates the first digital geological and geostatistical models of Assarel deposit (1994) and Ellatzite deposit (1996). </br></br> On the territory of Ellatzite-Med, Geotechmin designs and builds the first Explosives Factory in Bulgaria for production of bulk and cartridge emulsion explosives using a technology of the American company Austin International, Inc.


Commencement of geological exploration and drilling operations

Geological exploration and drilling operations commence at GEOTECHMIN GROUP.


International business partnerships

Geotechmin-SVS is the first Bulgarian company to become a member of the International Tunnelling Association (ITA-AITES) and participates in public tenders for construction projects under the EU’s pre-accession programmes, including in consortia with foreign partners.


From industrial to civil construction

Owing to Geotechmin’s experience in implementing mining and environmental projects, the company is selected by Union Miniere Pirdop Copper to be the main contractor of a project for capacity enlargement of an industrial waste landfill. The successful execution of this challenging project marks the beginning of a long-term partnership with the Belgian investor. </br></br> Geotechmin has also completed its first investment projects in civil construction: design and construction of Geotechmin’s head office in Sofia, the first four-star hotel in Bansko resort and a new bridge over the River Glazne in the town of Bansko.


A strategic decision – Ellatzite-Med

Geotechmin assembles expert teams of leading Bulgarian professionals in the mining sector to take part in the privatisation of Ellatzite-Med. Crucial support is received from Union Miniere Pirdop Copper which has provided long-term financing. A concession contract is signed for extraction of underground natural resources – porphyry copper gold-bearing ores on the territory of Ellatzite ore deposit. </br></br> Geotechmin completes the construction of Benkovski-2 Tailings Pond. This is the largest technological project of this type in Bulgaria, executed in the period 1996 – 1998.


Difficult years

Ellatzite-Med AD is having severe financial difficulties and bad technical condition.</br> Additional investments are made in upgrading and replacement of mining equipment. Geotechmin develops preliminary and detailed designs for decommissioning and reclamation of Benkovski-1 Tailings Pond.


Undertaking remedial actions in Ellatzite-Med

Undertaking remedial actions in the production and financial activities of Ellatzite-Med (2002 – 2011)</br> First-time replacement, after privatisation, of the rubber conveyor belt in the tunnel connecting Ellatzite Mine near the town of Etropole and the Flotation Plant near the village of Mirkovo.


Integration of a GPS vehicle tracking system in Ellatzite Mine

Deployment and integration of a GPS vehicle tracking system in Ellatzite Mine.</br> Preparation of a preliminary design for a new Primary Crushing Unit 3 (KET-3) in Ellatzite Mine to optimise mining operations inside the mine pit.


Investments in modern mining machines and equipment

High-powered mining machines are purchased and put into operation: the first largest electric hydraulic excavator in the country Terex RH 120-E with a bucket capacity of 15 m3, Hitachi excavators with a bucket capacity of 16 m3, BELAZ dump trucks with a loading capacity of 130 tons, various types of drilling rigs, Caterpillar wheel dozers, and new cone crushers. </br></br> Thanks to optimising the reagent dosages for copper flotation in the Flotation Plant and some additional process improvements, the copper recovery increases by 3.5% in 2004 compared to the previous year.</br></br> A wastewater management concept is developed to protect the region of Ellatzite Mine. It envisages the construction of mine wastewater treatment plants and a system of hydraulic engineering facilities to prevent clean water pollution by transferring clean waters outside the boundaries of the waste dumps.


New companies, new business units

For the first time in Bulgaria, an automatic ball charging system is installed at the Milling Unit of Ellatzite-Med to ensure consistent ball loading and higher milling efficiency. </br></br> In 2004 – 2005, new subsidiary companies are founded (<a class="linkStyle1" href="/en/about-group/centre-for-management-and-vocational-training-ead-cmvt-ead/">Centrе for Management and Vocational Training [CMVT]</a>, <a class="linkStyle1" href="/en/about-group/energeo-eood/">Energeo</a>, <a class="linkStyle1" href="/en/about-group/geoproject-eood/">Geoproject</a>, <a class="linkStyle1" href="/en/about-group/geostroy-ad/">Geostroy</a>, <a class="linkStyle1" href="/en/about-group/geotrading-ad/">Geotrading</a>) in GEOTECHMIN GROUP. To help fuel their growth, two new business units are launched – Infrastructure Business Unit and Trade Business Unit.


Participation in high profile infrastructure construction projects

The duration of the concession contract for extraction of underground natural resources from Ellatzite deposit is extended until August 2021. </br></br> Geotechmin expands its expertise and capacity of implementing infrastructure construction projects, such as Strengthening of the Iskar River – South of Sofia Airport (Employer: Ministry of Transport); Reconstruction and Extension of Sofia Airport – <a class="linkStyle1" href="/en/about-group/reconstruction-development-and-extension-of-sofia-airport/">New Runway Systems – LOT 2</a> and Correction of the Iskar River (where Geotechmin is the main subcontractor of the Kuwaiti consortium M.A.Al-Kharafi & Sons W.L.L. & ADMAK General Contracting W.L.L.); Construction of the new Terminal 2 at Sofia Airport (where Geotechmin is the main subcontractor of STRABAG AG).</br></br> Geotechmin is selected as the main subcontractor of the Japanese company Taisei Corporation – Branch Bulgaria under a public tender for the construction of <a class="linkStyle1" href="/en/about-group/sofia-metro-extension-projects/">Vasil Levski Stadium Metro Station</a>, a start shaft for a tunnel boring machine and a 208-m underground connector between the metro station and the existing tunnel under Dragan Tsankov Blvd.


Acquisition of new companies

GEOTECHMIN GROUP acquires new companies: <a class="linkStyle1" href = "/en/about-group/transremontstroy-ead/">Transremontstroy</a>, specializing in underground and aboveground railway construction and repairs, and <a class="linkStyle1" href = "/en/about-group/ulichno-osvetlenie-ead/">Ulichno Osvetlenie </a> – in the construction and operation of outdoor lighting systems.


From construction of metro stations to wind turbines

After complete renovation by Geostroy, the four-star Skalite Hotel opens doors in the town of Belogradchik. </br></br> A detailed design for increasing the operational lifetime of Benkovski-2 Tailings Pond is completed. It is related to the extension of Ellatzite-Med’s concession contract. </br></br> Ellatzite mine specialists have developed, deployed and integrated in-house ASMO mine software for “open-type” data exchange, containing a set of customised software modules. </br></br> In the sphere of construction, Geotechmin executes a contract for building 14 wind turbine foundations in Kavarna/Kamen Bryag region for the Dutch investor Global Wind Power. </br> The Group expands its capacity in the construction sector with the acquisition of <a class= "linkStyle1" href = "/en/about-group/patstroy-92-ad/">Patstroy-92</a>. </br></br> In 2008, the first strategic partnership in the Trade Business Unit is launched – Geotrading becomes the exclusive representative of the full tyre range of Belshina brand for Bulgaria and other Balkan countries. </br></br> From 2006 to 2008, a drainage gallery is built at level 840 m in Ellatzite Mine, which solved the problem of mine dewatering for a period of 12 years.


Strategic partnership with the Japanese MMTEC

The construction of the new <a class="linkStyle1" href="/en/about-group/new-primary-crushing-unit-3-ket-3-with-an-ore-transport-in-ellatzite-mine/">Primary Crushing Unit 3 (KET-3) </a> with an adjoining ore transport tunnel is completed. This 40-million-lev project is of great environmental significance, for which Ellatzite-Med receives Investor of the Year Award in the Mining Industry sector given by InvestBulgaria Agency. </br></br> Dr. Eng. Tzolo Voutov signs the first framework agreement for long-term technical cooperation with the Japanese company Mitsubishi Materials Techno Corporation (MMTEC). The first joint project under this agreement is for design, construction and commissioning of a modern wastewater treatment plant in Ellatzite Mine. </br></br> Geotechmin starts operating in the field of hydraulic engineering by executing the construction of <a class="linkStyle1" href="/en/about-group/construction-of-five-small-hydropower-plants-shpp-under-sreden-iskar-hydropower-cascade-project/">SHPP Svrazhen and SHPP Lakatnik </a> as part of the first stage of Sreden Iskar Hydropower Cascade Project.


Commencement of strategic structural changes and new large-scale projects in Ellatzite-Med

Geotechmin wins the Japanese Quality Award “BOSEI” (“Striving for the Stars”). Dr. Eng. Tzolo Voutov receives this prestigious award for Geotechmin’s overall contribution to promoting economic relations between Bulgaria and Japan and for applying the best practices from the Japanese Total Quality Management System (TQM).</br></br> Geotechmin executes the construction of a <a class="linkStyle1" href="/en/about-group/wastewater-treatment-plant-for-phosphorus-containing-waters-at-agropolychim-ad/">Wastewater Treatment Plant for Phosphorus-Containing Waters </a> in Agropolychim AD, Devnya. </br></br> Since 2010, strategic structural changes and new large-scale investment projects have been implemented in Ellatzite-Med AD. They will ensure more effective copper mining and beneficiation and facilitate the company to cover its key performance indicators for the period until 2031. </br></br> A new industrial wastewater treatment facility is built at level 950 m in Ellatzite Mine. Reclamation works commence at the East Waste Dumps in Ellatzite Mine.</br></br> A Larox filter-press is installed and put into operation at the Flotation Plant of Ellatzite-Med. It improves productivity and reduces the moisture content in the copper concentrate. </br></br> Ellatzite-Med is granted a concession for <a class="linkStyle1" href="/en/ellatzite-med-turned-the-first-sod-of-mial-quarry/">extraction of non-metallic (industrial) minerals – dolomites</a> from MIAL deposit.


Metro construction and industrial automation systems

<a class="linkStyle1" href="/en/about-group/sofia-metro-extension-projects/">James Bourchier Metro Station </a> is built by Geotechmin and put into operation. Geostroy executes part of the reinforcement, formwork and concrete works on the metro structures. </br></br> Ellatzite-Med has built a modern sprinkling system in Benkovski-2 Tailings Pond; a real-time groundwater monitoring system within the main dams of Benkovski-2 Tailings Pond; complete automation of Primary Crushing Unit 1 (KET-1) and its integration with the existing automation of Primary Crushing Unit 3 (KET-3).</br></br> A centralised Pulse Scada system is deployed and integrated in Ellatzite-Med. It enables the staff to collect data from sensors and instruments located at remote sites and review the technological parameters of every production track in real time.


Major projects for environmental protection

The State Expert Environmental Council approves the last reclaimed site, part of the Reclamation of Benkovski-1 Tailings Pond under Ellatzite-Med’s Programme for Eliminating Previous Environmental Damages. </br></br> The companies from GEOTECHMIN GROUP win public contracts to implement, individually or in consortia, significant infrastructure projects thanks to their high-performing teams, road construction machines, asphalt plants, quarries for construction aggregates, etc.</br></br> In 2012, in consortium with the Italian company Unieco, Geotechmin completes the project <a class="linkStyle1" href="/en/about-group/sadinata-non-hazardous-waste-landfill-wwtp-and-reception-area/">Construction of an Integrated System of Municipal Waste Treatment Facilities for Sofia Municipality</a>. </br></br> Patstroy-92 completes <a class="linkStyle1" href="/en/about-group/road-rehabilitation/">Lot 4, Rehabilitation of a Road Section of Road I-6 Sofia – Pirdop </a>(length 55.7 km). </br></br> <a class="linkStyle1" href = "/en/about-group/energeo-eood/">Energeo </a> obtains an electricity trading licence No. Л-382-15 dated 02.04.2012 issued by the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission.


Тhe concession contract for extraction of porphyry copper ores from Ellatzite deposit is extended until 2031

Geotechmin is selected to be the contractor of new small hydropower plants <a class="linkStyle1" href="/en/about-group/construction-of-five-small-hydropower-plants-shpp-under-sreden-iskar-hydropower-cascade-project/">SHPP Tserovo and SHPP Opletnya </a> (2010-2012),under the project Sreden Iskar Hydropower Cascade of the Italian investor Petrolvilla. Furthermore, Geostroy executes the construction of <a class="linkStyle1" href="/en/about-group/construction-of-five-small-hydropower-plants-shpp-under-sreden-iskar-hydropower-cascade-project/">SHPP Prokopanik </a> (2012-2013)</br></br> Patstroy-92 AD and its partners in Struma-1 Consortium complete the construction of <a class="linkStyle1" href="/en/about-group/struma-motorway-lot-1-dolna-dikanya-dupnitsa-road-section/">Lot 1 of Struma Motorway.</a>.</br></br> Complete sets of detailed designs are prepared for: mining and primary processing of porphyry copper ores, operation of mine waste storage facilities and conservation of mine sites in Ellatzite-Med.</br></br> Pursuant to an additional agreement, the concession period for extraction of porphyry copper gold-bearing ores from Ellatzite deposit is extended until August 2031.


A modern wastewater treatment plant is built on the territory of Ellatzite Mine

A <a class="linkStyle1" href="/en/about-group/new-automated-industrial-control-system-at-the-secondary-and-fine-crushing-production-unit/">new automated industrial control system for real-time monitoring of technological processes is put into operation at the Secondary and Fine Crushing Department </a> in the Flotation Plant. </br></br> An automated monitoring system is built at Benkovski-2 Tailings Pond and Radin Izvor Dam. It uses <i>Trimble 4D Control</i> real-time monitoring software for deformation and water level measurements and early warning. </br></br> The construction of <a class="linkStyle1" href="/en/about-group/wastewater-treatment-plant-applying-a-technology-of-mmtec-japan/">a wastewater treatment plant in Ellatzite Mine </a> is completed. The facility effectively purifies mine effluents by applying an innovative for Bulgaria technology of Mitsubishi Materials Techno Corporation (MMTEC), Japan.</br></br> Geotechmin OOD completes construction and assembly works as a general subcontractor of the Chinese company CBMI Construction under a <a class="linkStyle1" href="/en/geotechmin-with-an-honorary-award-in-the-national-contest-building-of-the-year/">project for reconstruction and modernisation of Devnya Cement Plant. </a>.</br></br> Geostroy starts operating in the field of railway infrastructure construction by executing a small project – reconstruction of a railway track and construction of a new terminal at Mirkovo Railway Station.


Construction of large-scale infrastructure projects

The construction companies in GEOTECHMIN GROUP have designed and built numerous large-scale infrastructure projects, such as <a class="linkStyle1" href="/en/business-park-sofia-metro-station-has-been-put-into-operation/">Business Park Sofia Metro Station</a> , road sections of <a class="linkStyle1" href="/en/about-group/struma-motorway-lot-3-3-kresna-sandanski-road-section/"> Struma Motorway</a>, etc.</br></br> The construction of <a class="linkStyle1" href="/en/about-group/regional-waste-management-system-in-gabrovo-and-tryavna-region/">municipal solid waste treatment plants </a> is a new trend where the Group consistently operates. </br></br> <a class="linkStyle1" href = "/en/about-group/itr-services-eood/">ITR Services EOOD</a> has been continuously upgrading GTMdata by transferring it to a new system platform and database and creating new specialized GTMplan software for open-pit mine planning and scheduling. GTMplan operates on the basis of data and information derived from GTMdata.</br></br> The digitalisation at Ellatzite-Med covers all aspects of ore mining and beneficiation processes. It is a crucial enabler which has improved all automation systems, mining equipment management, mine planning, slope stability monitoring and control, etc.</br></br> An innovative automated system provides real-time groundwater monitoring and control in Benkovski-2 Tailings Pond.


New achievements in digital transformation

In 2015-2016, the Bulgarian <a class="linkStyle1" href="/en/about-group/ellatzite-mine-launched-a-new-fleet-management-system/">mining control and automation system Skylinks is replaced by a new state-of-the-art fleet management system</a>. In addition, a high-precision machine guidance system for positioning shovels and drill rigs was deployed and integrated in the mine, thus achieving high accuracy and performance efficiency in the execution of technological tasks. </br></br> The company has built its own wireless communication network powered by green energy providing 100% reliable mine coverage. </br></br> Reclamation works commence in the downstream face areas of Benkovski-2 Tailings Pond. </br></br> Geotechmin and Geostroy complete successfully <a class="linkStyle1" href="/en/geotechmin-group-completed-the-green-rust-pilot-project/">a joint pilot project for on-site treatment of uranium-bearing, heavy metal and metalloid polluted waters and terrains</a>. </br></br> Ulichno Osvetlenie EAD implements one of the first public procurement contracts for performing energy efficiency services with a guaranteed result (ESCO contracts) in Sapareva Banya Municipality. In the following years, the company continues to execute projects under ESCO contracts, thereby contributing to the sustainable energy development of several municipalities. </br></br> Geostroy completes the construction of <a class="linkStyle1" href = "/en/a-prestigious-award-for-san-stefano-plaza-project/">San Stefano Plaza Multifunctional Complex</a> in Sofia.</br></br> The extension of an existing mine gallery for clean waters on the River Negarshtitsa is completed (Sections 1 and 2), which prevents water pollution arising from mine waste storage facilities.


Strategic plans at Ellatzite-Med are developed using new mine planning software

Strategic plans at Ellatzite-Med are developed using the <a class="linkStyle1" href="/en/about-group/modern-technologies-for-mine-planning-in-ellatzite-mine/">specialized mine planning software HxGN Mine Plan3D</a>, , which has been integrated in the company since 2016. The planning team draws knowledge and experience from Geotechmin mining experts – creators of the first proven effective model. </br></br> Prof. Dr. Tzolo Voutov, President of Geotechmin OOD and Mr. Hiroaki Anzai, President of the Japanese company Mitsubishi Materials Techno Corporation (MMTEC) sign a Memorandum of Understanding for providing technical skills transfer by Geotechmin OOD to young geologists and mining engineers from the Japanese company.


Innovative projects for industrial safety and environmental protection

Geotechmin OOD is the first Bulgarian company to provide theoretical and practical training to MMTEC’s geologists and mining engineers in real-life operation environment on the territory of Ellatzite Mine.</br> An innovative technology for in-situ dewatering and consolidation of tailings is adopted using a specialized <a class="linkStyle1" href = "/en/about-group/an-innovative-technology-for-improving-the-stability-of-benkovski-2-tailings-pond/">MudMaster</a> machine in Benkovski-2 Tailings Pond. </br></br> Ellatzite-Med has also developed and integrated an innovative system for real-time groundwater monitoring and deformation control in Radin Izvor Dam. </br></br> Patstroy-92 and Geostroy participate in the consortia which have built three lots of <a class="linkStyle1" href="/en/about-group/struma-motorway-lot-3-3-kresna-sandanski-road-section/">Struma Motorway</a> in total length of 78 km, part of Pan-European Corridor IV. </br></br> Ellatzite-Med AD receives a customer appreciation award for deployment and integration of the innovative CYCLONEtrac Particle Size Tracking (PST) system for the first time in Europe. The adoption of this unique technology has brought about an entirely new level of <a class="linkStyle1" href="/en/about-group/upgrade-of-the-grinding-process-information-management-system-in-the-flotation-complex/">control, management and optimisation of particle size tracking in the ore grinding process</a> in the Grinding and Flotation Department. </br></br> The extension of the gallery for clean waters of the River Negarshtitsa (Stage 3) is completed. </br></br> On 12 December 2018, Prof. DSc. Eng. Tzolo Voutov in his personal capacity and as President of Geotechmin OOD, together with the executive directors of Ellatzite-Med AD, Geostroy AD and Geotrading AD, launch a new initiative for the benefit of society – <a class="linkStyle1" href = "/en/bulgarian-virtues-charity-programme/">Bulgarian Virtues Charity Programme. </a>.


New long-term partnerships with international companies

<a class="linkStyle1" href="/en/about-group/new-rougher-flotation-cell-banks-in-the-grinding-and-flotation-department-of-the-flotation-plant/">New rougher flotation cell banks </a> are installed and commissioned in the Flotation Plant of Ellatzite-Med. The new cell banks secure stage-by-stage renovation of the main flotation cell banks, thus maximizing flotation capacity and ore beneficiation output, while also reducing power consumption. </br></br> Geotrading becomes the exclusive <a class="linkStyle1" href = "/en/geotrading-becomes-a-partner-of-rolls-royce-for-mtu-products/">partner of Rolls-Royce Power Systems </a> for its product and solution brand MTU for the mining industry in Bulgaria. </br></br> Since 2019, ITR Services has been an official partner of GURTAM for Bulgaria for distribution of the GPS tracking and fleet management platform Wialon and applicable software within IoT framework and telematics projects. </br></br> Geometro Zemlyane Consortium comprising Geostroy AD as leader and Transremontstroy EAD as partner complete the project for design and construction of <a class="linkStyle1" href="/en/about-group/design-and-construction-of-zemlyane-metro-depot/">Zemlyane Metro Depot</a>. The project is of key importance for commissioning Line 3 of Sofia Metro. </br></br> In 2019, the construction of a wastewater treatment plant for drainage waters is completed in Benkovski-2 Tailings Pond. The new facility is built using a technology of EnviroChemie GmbH, Germany. </br></br> The construction of integrated waste deposits for collection, pre-treatment and temporary storage of mining waste is completed on the territory of Ellatzite Mine. </br></br> Geostroy makes further progress in the construction of large-scale railway infrastructure projects. Being in consortium with Infrastructure Construction AD, Geostroy completes the rehabilitation of <a class="linkStyle1" href = "/en/about-group/railway-track-and-related-infrastructure-in-koprivshtitsa-stryama-interstation-section/">Koznitsa Railway Tunnel</a>.


Optimal utilisation of natural resources

A new <a class="linkStyle1" href="/en/about-group/asmo-mobile-a-field-office/">ASMO Mobile</a> application customised for smartphones is put into operation. </br></br> In order to optimally utilise the exhaustible natural resources, a modern mobile crushing and screening installation for graded aggregate production is put into operation on the territory of Ellatzite Mine. The plant is produced by the Spanish company Maquinaria De Canteras Triman S.a.u. and is used to process and utilise overburden rock material. </br></br> The upgrading of the sprinkling system in Benkovski-2 Tailings Pond is completed. The system is used to prevent dust pollution from the dam walls and the beach zones of inactive sections in the tailings pond. An additional pontoon pumping station is also built to enable sprinkling in the north-east part of Suludzha Dere Section. </br></br> Geostroy together with Patstroy-92 commence the execution of a new large design-build infrastructure project <a class="linkStyle1" href = "/en/about-group/geostroy-and-patstroy-92-commenced-the-project-lot-1-of-road-l-1-mezdra-botevgrad/">Lot 1 of Road I-1 (E-79) Mezdra – Botevgrad</a>. </br></br> As consortium leader, Geostroy starts the execution of the <a class="linkStyle1" href="/en/about-group/modernisation-of-plovdiv-krumovo-and-plovdiv-skutare-railway-sections/">modernisation of Plovdiv – Krumovo and Plovdiv – Skutare Railway Sections</a>, part of the project Development of Plovdiv Railway Junction.


Green investments

<a class="linkStyle1" href="/en/proauto-multifunctional-complex-wins-building-of-the-year-2021-award/">ProAuto Multifunctional Complex </a>is commissioned and put into habitation. The two main buildings of the complex – the office building and the warehouse are certified according to the world’s leading standard for sustainable buildings BREEAM 2013. </br></br>In 2021, two <a class="linkStyle1" href="/en/geotrading-builds-two-photovoltaic-power-stations-at-proauto-sofia-and-etropole/">photovoltaic power stations </a> are also put into operation. They are built on the rooftops of the ProAuto Service Centres in the towns of Sofia and Etropole. </br></br> A <a class="linkStyle1" href="/en/about-group/new-milling-unit-no-12-in-ellatzite-med-ad/">new Milling Unit No.12 is installed in the Flotation Plant </a> of Ellatzite-Med. With the implementation of this project, efficient use of exhaustible natural resources is achieved, as well as considerable reduction of mining waste, providing an opportunity for sustainable and efficient beneficiation of lower-grade copper ores.


A private company with over 30-year history, which has implemented some of the most successful and significant projects in the mining industry, industrial construction, road infrastructure and environmental protection in Bulgaria.