Geotechmin and Geostroy with awards in Top 50+ of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber

Geotechmin OOD received a gold award and Geostroy AD gained a silver award in the annual Top 50+ ranking of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber.
The gold award was given to Geotechmin OOD for achieving best results in the execution of structures of public utility infrastructure, hydro-technical construction and environmental protection, sector “Top Construction Companies”. For the seventh consecutive year, Geotechmin has gained a prize in the prestigious Top 50+ ranking. The award was presented by Mrs. Ivelina Vassileva, Minister of Environment and Water to Mr. Dominic Hamers, Executive Director of Geotechmin OOD. The ceremony was held at the traditional ball celebrating the Builder’s Day – 26 October 2015 in Sofia.
In the same ranking, but in another category of structures, Geostroy AD received a silver prize. For the third consecutive year, the company has been awarded in the category: high-rise construction, its adjoining infrastructure, electronic communication networks and installations, sector “Top Construction Companies”. The award was presented by Mrs. Lilyana Pavlova, Minister of Regional Development and Public Works to Dipl. Eng. Vladimir Vutov, Executive Director of Geostroy AD.
The annual awards of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber are given to companies listed in the Central Register of Professional Builders.


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