Geostroy wins two new prestigious awards

Geostroy AD received two new prestigious awards in recognition of its construction achievements – Silver Award in the annual ranking of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber (BCC) for achieving good results in 2022, and Second Place Certificate in the Best Builder Competition organised by the Regional Office of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber in Sofia (RO of BCC – Sofia).

The awards were presented to M.Eng. Yordan Yonov and M.Eng. Tsvetoslav Petkov, Executive Directors of Geostroy, during the celebrations of Builder’s Day organised by BCC and RO of BCC – Sofia. M.Eng. Yonov thanked the hosts for the high honour and extended his deep gratitude to the company’s team for their persistent hard work, dedication and professionalism.

The prizes are particularly valuable to the company, because they demonstrate another year of excellence and acknowledge the team’s efforts and powerful results. Since its establishment, Geostroy has been adhering to the highest quality and safety standards in construction projects, thus proving its reputation as a loyal and reliable partner.

The annual ranking of BCC has been held for the 16th consecutive year. It honours the standout achievements of the most successful construction companies listed in the Central Professional Register of Builders (CPRC). The winners were selected on the basis of information from the annual financial statements published in the electronic system of the Central Register of Professional Builders according to the key performance indicators for the preceding financial year.

Best Builder Competition is held among companies-members of the RO of BCC – Sofia, which are ranked on the basis of their results achieved in 2022. The criteria include net sales revenues, length of service, average number of employees, integrated occupational health and safety management systems, and environmental management systems.


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