Geostroy and Energeo joined Proud of My Parents’ Work Initiative

Two companies from GEOTECHMIN GROUP – Geostroy AD and Energeo EOOD, opened doors to their employees’ children and acquainted them with their parents’ jobs as part of the tenth edition of the social responsibility initiative Proud of My Parents’ Work. On the Day of the Bulgarian National Revival Leaders – 1 November, twenty-one children visited the offices of the two companies where they learnt a lot about their parents’ professions and participated in various exciting activities.
Eleven children aged 6 to 12 visited Geostroy’s office where they learnt from the stories of proven specialists, presentations and videos what a civil engineer, a surveyor or a specialist at Human Resources Department do. The little “employees” also visited one of the company’s building sites in Sofia where they learnt about the various phases of the construction process. The kids were also inspired by the drone photography performed by the specialists at Geodesy and Land Surveying Department.
At the end of the visit, Geostroy’s special guests shared that they were extremely excited and impressed by everything they saw and would be delighted to visit the company again. For Geostroy team, the participation in such initiatives is very important as it gives children a real opportunity to get in touch with their parents’ professions and understand what various specialists do.
Ten children aged 6 to 12 got acquainted with their parents’ jobs during the Open Doors Day in Energeo. The Manager of the company Mr Konstantin Delisivkov welcomed the guests and briefly described the company’s activities. The kids visited their parents’ workplaces and were amazed by the sports facilities where they do sports after work. The children solved practical problems and enjoyed a fun time playing games made specifically for the event. At the end of the day, the little “employees” had learnt many new and interesting things about their parents’ jobs: how to balance and forecast power consumption (balancing between the generated and consumed electricity), how to trade electricity (purchase and sell), how to generate electricity from renewable energy sources.
The children completed feedback surveys, which evidenced that two main goals had been achieved: enhancing a consistent children’s interest in knowledge acquisition and hard work, as well as increasing team cohesion and employee commitment to corporate values.
All children participating in the initiative received incentive gifts.
The initiative Proud of My Parents’ Work is part of the programme of United Nations Global Compact Network Bulgaria.


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