Ellatzite-Med AD donates a new car to the social patronage in Zlatitsa Municipality

More than 150 people in Zlatitsa Municipality, who use the services of home social patronage, will get home-delivered meals by a brand new Renault Express car donated by Ellatzite-Med through Bulgarian Virtues Charity Programme.
The nutritious meals will be delivered to elderly and needy residents of the town of Zlatitsa and Karlievo, Tsarkvishte and Petrich villages by the two currently used cars and the newly donated one.

The Mayor of Zlatitsa Municipality M.Eng. Lyubomir Tsvetkov presented a Donation Certificate to the Executive Director of Ellatzite-Med AD M.Eng. Dragomir Draganov and said, ‘This is a noble cause jointly implemented by Zlatitsa Municipality and Ellatzite-Med. I would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to you all for our long-term cooperation.’ M.Eng. Draganov handed over the car keys to the Mayor.

Mr Dominic Hamers, Executive Director of Geotechmin, congratulated the residents of Zlatitsа Municipality on this new acquisition on behalf of Prof. DSc. Eng. Tzolo Voutov. ‘This is one of our social causes with long-term benefit for the senior and disabled people using this service. It is worth highlighting that it is the second car donated under our charity programme, as in 2019 Prof. DSc. Eng. Tzolo Voutov personally donated another car for providing social services to Mirkovo Municipality.’

Mrs Nonka Nedeleva, Manager of Home Social Patronage in Zlatitsa Municipality, expressed her special gratitude to the donors who had helped improve the quality of the social service under the programme “Providing Hot Lunch in Zlatitsa Municipality”. She added that year-on-year the number of retired and vulnerable people using this service is growing and the new car will be particularly helpful for the social patronage needs.

The new acquisition for Zlatitsa Municipality was solemnly consecrated by Father Yordan Georgiev. The event was also attended by PhD Eng. Ivaylo Nikolov, General Director of Ellatzite-Med AD, M.Eng. Slavey Ivanov, Deputy General Production Director of Ellatzite-Med AD, Mr Iliya Makedonski, Deputy Mayor of Zlatitsa Municipality, representatives of the municipal administration, donor companies, and local residents.


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