Dominic Hamers awards three outstanding students of Bulgaria

One of GEOTECHMIN GROUP’s social causes is focused on providing gratuitous support to Bulgarian education and talented young people from the regions where the Group operates. For the fifth consecutive year, the daily newspaper 24 Chasa (24 Hours) has organized the worthy initiative Outstanding Students of Bulgaria aiming to recognize the highest-performing students who have proven their ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking and innovation skills over the past year. The official event for awarding the talented young Bulgarians was attended by the Minister of Education Academician Nikolay Denkov, Mrs Venelina Gocheva ˗ Publisher of 24 Chasa Daily, and Mr Dominic Hamers ˗ Executive Director of Geotechmin OOD.
This year Simona Borisova from the town of Etropole, Ana-Maria Barzakova from the town of Zlatitsa and Lalo Lalov from the town of Pirdop stood out among the 28 selected talented youngsters. Mr Dominic Hamers handed out their awards and congratulated them, ‘Geotechmin pays great attention to the regions where it operates. Therefore, today I am delighted to be able to award three Outstanding Students of Bulgaria who come from Etropole and Srednogorie region. Let me briefly address them. Simona, I wish you to keep your competitive spirit and continue participating in Olympiads, but also to continue playing volleyball. Be a good example for other students not only in Etropole, but also for everyone who wants to be among the outstanding young Bulgarians! Ana-Maria is a girl of versatile talents – she plays the guitar, trains in rhythmic gymnastics and makes figurines out of polymer clay, so I wish her to discover more of her unique talents and develop them. We are happy that there are such remarkable talents in Zlatitsa – another town where we support education. Lalo Lalov graduated from the secondary school in Zlatitsa, he participated in the national rounds of Olympiads in Geography and Economics and today he is a student at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. I wish him to continue his studies in Bulgaria and find his professional realization in his homeland! I wish plenty of good health and success to all of them, and let’s look forward with optimism!’


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