Construction of a new mine wastewater facility using modern technology by the Japanese company MMTEC commenced

On May 17, 2012 the first sod of a water treatment facility for mine wastewater was turned in Ellatzite mine. The chosen treatment technology is innovative for Bulgaria. This is one of the largest projects of Ellatzite-Med under the Environment Protection and Recovery Programme for the Region of Ellatzite Deposit for 2010 – 2014.

In his opening speech, the president of GEOTECHMIN Dr. Eng. Tzolo Voutov stated that the Japanese company had long examined its prospective Bulgarian partner before sharing its know-how.

“This project will adopt the technologies and experience which Mitsubishi Materials Techno Corporation (MMTEC) has accumulated through the treatment of mine wastewater in Japan. We are glad that we have received the opportunity to apply these technologies and experience in Bulgaria as well with the assistance of the GEOTECHMIN GROUP. We will continue to collaborate so that the construction of the water treatment facility is completed safely and smoothly”, said the president of MMTEC Yoshiaki Inaba in his congratulatory speech sent especially for the groundbreaking ceremony.
This will be the most modern of all facilities for wastewater treatment in Ellatzite mine. “The innovative method of purification by sludge recirculation and the high level of automation of the technological processes will ensure constant parameters of wastewater purification. In this way the cleanliness of Malak Iskar River will be guaranteed throughout the period of exploitation of the mine and thereafter,” said Dipl. Eng. Dobri Tzvetkov, executive director of the investor Ellatzite-Med AD.
The subsidiary Geoproject EOOD is the designer from the Bulgarian side. The construction works will be carried out by Geostroy AD. The project will be completed in the second half of 2013.


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