Construction and infrastructure

ProAuto Multifunctional Complex

In 2021, a modern high-tech green complex ProAuto Multifunctional Complex was put into operation in Sofia. The project is part of the long-term strategy of GEOTECHMIN GROUP and the investor Geotrading for ensuring more sustainable and eco-friendly environment.

The complex has a total floorage area of 28,014 m2 and a built-up area of 9,171 m2. It consists of an office building, a warehouse section and additional service buildings.

The first floor of the office building accommodates a showroom for electric scooters and a reception area for electric vehicle repairs. On the second floor, there are open space offices, a conference hall, meeting rooms and a restaurant with an open terrace. The third floor also houses offices and halls, while the fourth floor boasts a modern V GYM Fitness & SPA and an event centre with two video walls. There is an outdoor connection from the fourth floor to the warehouse building. A car wash for lightweight vehicles and vans and a wastewater treatment plant are located behind the warehouse building. The parking area in ProAuto Multifunctional Complex offers 80 parking spaces and a charging station for electric vehicles.

Renewable energy sources provide 44.3% of the energy consumption of the complex. The systems’ optimisation, higher energy efficiency and better comfort and profitability of the building are ensured through the integrated building management system (BMS), the air conditioning with VRF systems, the zoning of the property, and the exclusive use of LED lighting. The complex is conspicuous among the other buildings in the region with its lush greenery covering a total area of 8,404 m2. Sewage water is discharged into a local waste water treatment plant and then the treated water is collected together with rainwater in a special pool to wash the roads and lanes within the complex.

In 2021, the two main buildings of the complex – the office building and the warehouse section were certified under BREEAM 2013 standard with a “Very Good” rating.

Geotrading AD
Architectural design:
Architect Kiril Kutskov
General Contractor:
Geostroy AD
Project implementation period:
2010 - 2021


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