First in Europe Hitachi EX2600-7 LD excavator starts work at Ellatzite Mine

A high-tech Hitachi EX2600-7 LD excavator compliant with the latest European emission standards has been put into operation in Ellatzite Mine. This is the first excavator of the brand’s EX-7 series in Europe.
The new excavator was put into operation with a solemn water blessing service held by Father Emil Yakimov at a special event in Ellatzite Mine Complex.
‘It is the ninth machine of this type in Ellatzite-Med’s mining fleet, three of which are electric excavators. Hitachi EX2600-7 LD boasts unmatched endurance, exceptional productivity and last but not least – improved fuel efficiency achieving more than 10% fuel economy compared to the preceding model. It has been achieved with the introduction of a new engine type compliant with EU Stage V emission standards,’ said M.Eng. Ivaylo Nikolov, Director of the Mine Complex. He also noted that one of the greatest innovations in the new machine is the 24-hour remote monitoring of its operations and overall technical condition.
The excavator integrates the “ConSite Mine” service and a new “Load Index” function, which analyses structural stresses and predicts possible problems in the machine’s booms and arms, helping to avoid severe breakdowns and accidents.
EX2600-7 LD is safer to operate and maintain, packed with multiple efficient features like an on-board inclinometer, improved walkways, handrails and a dual isolator switch delivering complete protection. It has a modern and dependable design, flexible enough to handle any terrain yet powerful enough to maximise productivity with minimum fuel consumption. It is equipped with state-of-the-art mining software, electronic joysticks, intelligent Multi-Functional Display, advanced air suspension seating and better climate control which boost operators’ productivity, providing safe and comfortable workplace environment.
The new excavator is part of the renewed mining fleet of Ellatzite Mine Complex with the latest generation of highly mechanised low-emission machines – excavators, bulldozers, drills, dump trucks, and other machines with active exhaust gas regeneration systems. The investment is a continuation of the consistent policy of Ellatzite-Med AD, part of GEOTECHMIN GROUP, to increase productivity and minimize environmental impact by renewing its main equipment fleet. Another zero-emission electro-hydraulic excavator of the same brand had also been put into operation about half a year before launching the new one.
The ceremonial ribbon was cut by the representatives of Ellatzite-Med, Geotechmin, Z&M Private Co. and Geotrading – M.Eng. Dragomir Draganov, M.Eng. Stoil Dimitrov, M.Eng. Ivaylo Nikolov, Mr Dominic Hamers, Mr Nikolay Tevekelov and Mr Krasimir Dekov.


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